We would like to thank our many loyal customers for their long-standing close co-operation and the resulting mutual trust. This constructive and inspiring partnership consistently motivates us to try new things and create attractive, high-quality products. For decades, we have been jointly changing the world of creative cover materials and greatly contributing towards further development. We will use our pooled know-how to make sure we continue to do so in future.

In the meantime, a few WINTER products – including SKIVERTEX®, PELLAQ® and NABUKA® – are now established as industrial standards. However, this has also led to the appearance of an increasing number of imitations, which are advertised as being ‘WINTER-like’ despite our registered trademarks. However, our customers will very likely be able to distinguish original WINTER material from a poor quality imitation. And they know that, by purchasing WINTER material, they are automatically also assured of the optimum workability of this material, extensive advice, smooth customer service worldwide and a guarantee of compliance to latest environmental and material content regulations.

We have been systematically developing and marketing amazing new products since 1892 and we are proud of our extensive experience in creative materials. It implies what we call CULTURE IN COVERING.