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Good day

Summertime! Hence, a special look at "cool" products. Our great selection of metallic looks, for example. The fine leather looks of SKIVERTEX® PRECIOUS, the textured surfaces of CORVON® METAL-X and CARBON-X, both from the CORVON® product line, deserve particular mention. But let's not forget the attractive colours and surfaces of SHARADE®.

The price segment, which allows the realisation of strong-selling reasonably priced packaging and wrapping, is attractive as well. However, "cool or hot?" — that is the question in the case of the unbeatable high gloss material CORVON® BLING.

Have you allowed yourself to be seduced by it already?

We wish you a "cool" summer.


Following the fashion trend for metallised leather SKIVERTEX® PRECIOUS represents elegance and style in an à jour interpretation. Any item covered with this unique material becomes more desirable.



CORVON® METAL-X features a variety of metal-like finishes in a rich, lustrous covering material. The masterfully crafted textures range from a subtle brushed pattern to a bold hammered look, in both warm and cool metal tones.



A range of stunning cover materials, inspired by the provoking luster of bling fashion jewellery. Use this unique effect to create packaging or covers with a clear message: LOOK AT ME!


WINTER&COMPANY and the environment

We will keep you informed in this section on various WINTER products that are considered particularly environmentally safe. WINTER&COMPANY is FSC-certified. The company is recertified annually, and our employees attend regular training and information sessions. You will find the environment labels on each product page.

A typical example: NAPURA® ENVIRA.

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