Wide range of printable substrates from uncoated papers and boards, coated papers, paper lined textiles, and a variety of boards, all in white. Designed for printers and graphic designers, these materials offer innovative solutions for printing projects, allowing you great choice and creativity. Suitable for covering books, diaries, stationery items and packaging of a high standard. If you’re looking for that additional dimension, you will find it here. We can advise you on specific applications, suitable print and decorative techniques.

Dyed through premium papers: WIBALIN
Light weight premium paper: PICOT, MILSKIN, WIBALIN SHARADE
Coated paper with technical looks: CORVON
Paper and board with soft touch: TOUCHE
Flocked paper and board: SUEDEL LUXE, TEXPRINT, VELPRINT
Textiles with paper backing: WICOTEX, TOILE DU MARAIS, SILTEX, KASHGAR