WINTER&COMPANY recognises that our operations can impact on the environment. We have always been sensitive to environmental issues and strictly adhere to all standards and regulations.

Our environmental management aims to integrate best practice for sustainable and continual improvements in order to minimise any negative impact on the environment.

WINTER decorative materials are durable, not disposable, in keeping with their intended longer use applications for packaging, presentation/display, publishing and printing.

It is our endeavour to offer products that respect our natural environment and that are free of any hazardous ingredients. All original WINTER materials are REACH compliant.

WINTER&COMPANY is FSC®-certified and many of our paper products have FSC® certification. Our company is recertified annually and our employees attend regular training and information sessions.

Detailed information regarding REACH compliance and FSC® certifications as well as other relevant environment information can be found on the respective product section in our web catalogue, printed information on our sample cards as well as in the product datasheets. Contact us any time for specific questions or requests.



Our sales organisation is FSC®-certified. Our certification number TT-COC-002437 is listed on the webpage


To date SKIVERTEX®, ECOREL®, CORVON® METAL X, CORVON® SENZO, CORVON® SHIMMER, PELLAQ® MALLORY, PELLAQ® GLEAN, PELLAQ® LIZARD, PELLAQ® CROCO, PELTOUCH®, WIBALIN®, NAPURA®, SHARADE®, COVERA®, MILSKIN® and NEFERTA® meet the FSC®-criteria. These certified cover materials are to be found in our web catalogue. The number of articles will grow on a continuous basis.



WINTER&COMPANY confirm that our products comply with REACH. None of our products contain any of the substances currently listed as SVHC’s (Substances of Very High Concern) under REACH.

We are continually working to ensure that every constituent material used in the manufacture all Winter products is re-assessed with each update of the SVHC list to ensure compliance.

Should you have any further questions regarding any WINTER product and REACH, please contact your local WINTER representative who will be delighted to assist you.


We take the living environment seriously. Please contact us for more information.