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1. May 2018

Imperfect Beauty - A Mega Trend Discussed at The London Stationery Show

Whilst visiting the London Stationery Show last month we attended a talk from Phil Bond a Trends Translator from Scarlet Opus. He was discussing trends for Christmas 2018.

However it was not just a trend for 2018! Imperfect Beauty is tipped to be what is classed as a Mega Trend (not just for stationery but across all sectors), which we will see emerge this winter but will carry on through to 2022.

This trend has a Japanese philosophy at its core 'Wabi-Sabi': finding the beauty in imperfection. Continuing to look to Japan specifically for inspiration the art of 'kintsugi' will be seen, repairing damage with precious materials.

Instead of reaching for perfection we will now search for beauty in disorder.

Imperfection will be celebrated as authenticity and naturalness. You may be thinking that naturalness is a current trend so how will this differ? The natural elements used will be more precious for example marble repaired with precious metals, exuding luxury with a hand made feel. This trend will not be afraid to show evidence of accident and age it will celebrate it.

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