Winlay® is a sustainable, plastic-free moulded pulp (i.e. thermoformed pulp) packaging solution. It is made entirely from re-growing natural resources as well as valuable recycled fibres. Winlay® contains a high percentage of recycled fibres, is fully recyclable with the paper recycling stream and thus contributes to a circular economy.

Our in-house industrial designers ensure that your custom packaging meets your requirements. Whether you need a moulded fibre inlay or a beautiful thermoformed pulp packaging that highlights your product in a sustainable manner, we've got you covered. Our approach aims to minimise the consumption of precious raw materials while creating visually appealing solutions that make your product stand out.

Choose between various fibre compositions, two different production methods, our standard colours black, white and natural recycling brown or your very own customised colour.

We offer a wide range of decoration possibilities. Deboss and emboss are part of the moulding process, incurring minimal extra costs. Other decoration methods such as hot foil stamping, silkscreen and pad printing are done after the actual moulding process.

Various closures and hinges complete our offer to make your moulded fibre packaging solution fit your needs best.

Find out more below or contact our worldwide sales team for more information.

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