Jan. 18, 2022


WINTER & COMPANY offers more than 1'300 coverings worldwide from stock. The materials are now also available as 3D visualisations and scans. Each product is presented in use on the website and ready for digital prototyping. Chaos, a leading company in computer graphics, was responsible for the scanning. The release of WINTER & COMPANY's scan collection is a world first.

In addition to the 3D sample videos introduced in 2018, WINTER & COMPANY now offers its cover materials as 3D visualisations. Depending of its characteristics, each material is displayed in a rendering of a book cover, packaging, watch box, jewellery bust or shopping bag with true-to-life-photoreal quality. «The shape and light emphasise our unique materials in just the right way.» says Christoph Borer, CEO of WINTER & COMPANY. «With the 3D visualisations we want to bring our customers a little closer to the final product.»

To create these renderings, WINTER & COMPANY had its complete range of products scanned in photoreal 3D by the world leading visualization specialist Chaos. Chaos is the developer of V-Ray, the award-wining rendering software used by top architectural firms and blockbuster visual effects studios around the globe. The Chaos Scans Library contains high-precision, ultra-photorealistic digital materials with real-world response to lighting conditions. Inside the library one finds, for example, car paint, fabric and hot stamping foils. The 1’300 papers, book covers and textile leather imitations from WINTER & COMPANY are the newest and largest addition to the collection.

  • Luxury Box in NAPPAN® Jaipur NAPJ6683 Lin
    • Luxury Box in NAPPAN® Jaipur NAPJ6683 Lin

      «Scanning and rendering all our products was a two-year project that really pays off» says Nikolai Winter. «It allows us to give all designers and creatives digital access to the diversity of our portfolio. With this new digital offer, we now share our passion for haptics and optics with the entire world, anytime and anywhere.»

      • CHAMEL® CHS7722 as Chaos shader ball
        • Wireframe and final render of CHAMEL® CHS7722

          The publication of WINTER & COMPANY's 1’300 cover materials as Chaos scans is a great achievement for the digital community. All covers have been truthfully imaged in a resolution of 512 dpi in the .vrscan format. This format can be used for 3D visualisations with V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, SketchUp, Cinema 4D, Modo and Houdini. The scans are perfect for digital prototyping and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The ultra-photorealistic quality of these 3D visualisations simplifies decision-making for designers and brands worldwide.

          • Bust in NABUKA® NAB8903 Bordeaux
            • Bust in NABUKA® NAB8903 Bordeaux

              Specialists estimate that the shift to 3D technology will completely change the retail industry as well as the way people will shop in the future. For brand owners, the importance of 3D assets is increasing. A consistent representation of surfaces plays an important role, which is optimally achieved with these scans.

              In practice, photo-realistic 3D visualisations of the respective applications can now be found on every product page. In addition, the scan of the selected covering can be downloaded easily and free of charge. You can find out where this is located here.

              What is a render?

              Rendering is the process of creating an image from raw data in computer graphics. In our case, the renderings were created from the VRscans. For this purpose, 3D models were built that realistically take into account the use of light sources and shadows. For this reason, these images are photorealistic.

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