July 27, 2021

Born from Ocean Plastic — The first notebook made from toile ocean

With every metre of TOILE OCEAN, more than five PET bottles from the ocean are recycled. Find out here how the material became a book cloth and what can be done with the new fabric.

Traditional book cloths are made from rayon, such as TOILE DU MARAIS – or cotton, such as TOILE CANVAS . The global innovation TOILE OCEAN, is woven from recycled ocean plastic. «To give the fabric the required stability as well as sufficient impregnation/permeability to water and glue, we coated TOILE OCEAN with water-based acrylic» says Danny Grossenbacher, Product Manager of TOILE OCEAN. An additional paper coating was deliberately not applied in order to reduce additional resources.

Various print tests have shown that TOILE OCEAN performs well in offset printing compared to other book cloths. The fabric can also be decorated with screen printing and hot foil stamping. Due to its durability, TOILE OCEAN is particularly suitable as a sustainable book cover with a strong environmental message. If TOILE OCEAN had been used as a book cloth for the first Harry Potter edition, 75 million plastic bottles could have been recycled from the ocean.

The innovative cover fabric is available worldwide in these six colours: Sky (Ciel), Seaweed (Algue), Red Coral (Corail rouge), Pebble (Galet), Beach (Plage) and Sea Salt (Fleur de sel).

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