Winlay® is a plastic-free, high-quality moulded fibre packaging solution. Winlay® is recyclable within the paper recycling process, biodegradable and therefore a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials like foam or plastic.


Winlay® is a high-quality moulded pulp packaging solution for the luxury and premium packaging industry. Our moulded fibre product is an eco-friendly packaging solution made from sustainable fibres.

    Sustainable Fibres – Valuable Natural Resources in Use

    With Winlay® innovation meets sustainability at its core. Our packaging is thoughtfully crafted with a variety of renewable fibres, reflecting our dedication to both quality and environmental conciousness.

      10 FACTS

      1. 1. Winlay® is a plastic-free, moulded fibre packaging solution

      2. 2. Winlay® is fully recyclable

      3. 3. Winlay® is made from naturally renewable raw materials

      4. 4. Winlay® is available in our standard colours white and black, recycled brown and any custom colour

      5. 5. Winlay® is produced using two methods allowing customers to prioritise between quality and ecological considerations

      6. 6. Winlay® is available from as little as 10,000pcs.

      7. 7. Winlay® has a lower carbon foot print towards a comparable rPET inlay

      8. 8. Winlay® offers low tooling cost and an excellent overall price-value offering

      9. 9. Winlay® offers decoration through embossing, debossing, silkscreen printing, hot foil stamping and more

      10. 10. Winlay® offers guidance and support throughout your bespoke packaging project



      Discover a world of limitless design possibilities for your inlays and packaging. Explore a wide range of colours, surface textures, shapes, and decoration options to create innovative and distinctive packaging solutions.


        Prototyping is an important step in the development of moulded pulp inlays. It allows customers to test and refine their designs before mass-producing the inlays.


          Winlay® is produced in a cost effective and eco-friendly way only using sustainable fibres with up to 100% recycled post-consumer-waste fibres. Winlay® is offered in two production qualities. We differentiate between the wet moulded (thermo formed) process and the dry moulded process.


            We are proud to offer a wide range of decoration possibilities for your bespoke, inlay and packaging solution. The embossing and debossing process is part of the moulding process and can enrich your project with fonts, logos and reliefs to enhance its appearance and make it more eye-catching .

              PROJECT PROCESS

              The development of a customised Winlay® project takes several months depending on the requirements, quantities, ideas and decision-making process of our customers.

                Transport and Logistics

                Winlay®, our moulded fibre packaging solution integrates seamlessly with our global shipping and warehousing strategy.

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