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WINTER & COMPANY assumes responsibility. As a globally active company, we are aware that our business has an impact on the environment. By complying with applicable regulations and strict standards we ensure that this influence is kept to a minimum and that we make our contribution to an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable economy.


Our Understanding of a Sustainable Company

WINTER & COMPANY’s 125-year success story is thanks to the careful strategies of our founders and all their descendants. As an aware and responsible organization, we manoeuvre within the triangle of environment, business and society to uphold and secure our good commercial framework over the longer term. Because of this, it is understood that we must protect the environment and work sustainably with the natural resources we use. We steer our company on a watchful growth course, create attractive working conditions and foster our employees.

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Products of high value

The first step of sustainability is durable products. Decorative materials from Winter & Company are not for throw away items, but are used for high quality applications with an above average life span. Therefore, finished articles such as books and luxury packaging are long lasting, and may offer secondary and possibly triple usage.

Un Global Compact

To emphasise our commitment, WINTER & COMPANY engages in the UN Global Compact convention and is member of the Swiss network (GCNS).


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REACH stands for «Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Registration of Chemicals». This EU directive was implemented to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risk of chemicals.

WINTER & COMPANY is aware of the importance of the REACH directive. All production sites are therefore urged not to use declarable substances in a concentration that are not REACH compliant in the production of our materials.

Relavant conformity declarations are at hand and also refer to declarations from up stream suppliers. Hence we are convinced that none of our materials require REACH registration. This declaration refers to our current state of knowledge. Should we learn of irregularities we will communicate these immediately. 

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Mission of FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) is the promotion of a environment friendly, social advancement and economically responsible management of forests. All WINTER & COMPANY sales companies are FSC™-certified. The registry of our certificate number INT-COC-001464 you can find on the website

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The number of our FSC™ compliant products is ever growing. More about these materials you can find in our online catalogue.

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