As a family business rich in tradition and always being a responsible member of our society, Winter & Company actively contributes to the protection of the climate and the conservation of the planet for the future generations. Trees have a great symbolic power for us. Forests offer a great diversity of species whilst at the same time reducing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They provide a natural and renewable raw material as a substitute for petroleum-based synthetic products. Many of our products are based on wood pulp. Certified by FSC™ for over 10 years, we ensure all of our pulp is sourced from well managed and ultimately sustainable forestry. This is our commitment to the long-term growth of global forestry and the use of renewable raw materials for sustainable consumption. Knowing the importance of trees for the entire planet and being a globally active and locally operating company, we wanted to go a step further: We support projects on several continents for reforestation through both internal and external programmes for planting new trees; thus, closing the natural cycle. We think it’s the right thing to do.

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