We proudly offer various decoration possibilities for your bespoke, inlay and packaging solution. The embossing and debossing process is part of the moulding process and can enrich your project with fonts, logos and reliefs to enhance its appearance and make it more eye-catching.
Furthermore, some popular post-production decoration methods include:

Silkscreen Printing:
This involves printing an image or design onto the inlay using specialised inks and a screen. A second spot UV layer makes your entire or partial silkscreen print stand out even more.

Hot Foil Stamping:
This involves applying heat and pressure to transfer a various range of foils onto your Winlay® packaging.

Clear coating:
We provide a variety of coating options that enhance both the colour and depth of the fibre product, serving not only to emphasise these aspects but also to offer a more gentle approach that minimises abrasion to your products.

Pad printing:
Utilising a soft silicone pad, pad printing transfers intricate designs with precision by applying ink from an etched plate to your Winlay® packaging, accommodating curved or uneven surfaces with finesse.

By integrating sustainable fibre materials into our products, we strive to minimise environmental impact while delivering high-quality, biodegradable moulded packaging.


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