Design & Innovation

Winlay® offers almost limitless possibilities when it comes to designing your inlays and packaging. This makes us a leading choice for sustainable & eco-friendly moulded pulp packaging. While specific technical production limitations need to be considered beyond those, your requirements and desires can be accommodated with minimal constraints. Our industrial designers specialise in creating bespoke, custom-fit moulded fibre inlays and packaging solutions that meet your needs. Various colours, surface qualities, shapes, and decoration options allow for an incredible spectrum of innovative and distinctive packaging solutions.


We offer white, bright white and black as our standard colours in a minimum quantity of as low as 10,000 pieces.
Custom colours as well as our various natural brown fibre compositions come at minimum order quantities of 50,000 pieces.

Surface qualities & shape

We offer two different production methods. Winlay® wet moulded ensures highest quality surfaces with a soft and smooth finish. More or less pressure as well as potential additives and coatings can adapt the surface appearance, specifications and quality to your needs.

A mesh is commonly used on the back side of Winlay® wet moulded pieces. This mesh can also be applied to the front side of the inlay or packaging for design purposes. This adds to the versatility of our moulded pulp packaging options.

Winlay® dry moulding creates a naturally textured surface, showcasing recycled fibres and reflecting the recycling process. Both geometric and organic shapes can be achieved, encompassing bold multi-dimensional reliefs and delicate surface embossings. The flexibility of our moulded fibre techniques means that the final product is as sustainable as it is pleasing.

  • Winlay® wet moulded white
    • Winlay® wet moulded black
      • Winlay® wet moulded brown PCW
        • Winlay® dry moulded brown
          • Winlay® dry moulded white
            • Winlay® dry moulded bright white


              We offer different seams for the borders of your bespoke inlays.

              • Standard seam
                • Inverted seam
                  • Semi-cut seam
                    • V-cut seam


                      There are two different hinge options you can chose from.

                      • V-cut hinge
                        • V-cut hinge
                          • V-cut hinge
                            • Scoring line (partially perforated)

                              Multi-part Inlay

                              Mostly for strength reasons we create double or multi-part inlays in order to safely pack heavier products while keeping the high-quality appearance of Winlay® wet moulded. Therefore, a Winlay® wet moulded inlay is reenforced and glued together with a Winlay® dry moulded inlay from the bottom.

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