Winlay® is produced in a cost effective and eco-friendly way using only sustainable fibres with up to 100% recycled post-consumer-waste fibres. Winlay® is offered in two production qualities. We differentiate between the wet moulded (thermo formed) process and the dry moulded process. Winlay® dry moulded impresses with its natural appearance, economic and ecological benefits.

Winlay® wet moulded fulfils highest quality standards and is mainly used for cosmetic and spirits inlays as well as for perfume and wine packaging. It’s soft yet smooth surface gives every product a high-end look and feel. It convinces with its high-quality properties such as density, rigidity, high-quality surface finish as well as low tolerances and great decoration possibilities.

Winlay® dry moulded convinces with its natural appearance, economic and ecological benefits.

We offer Winlay® wet and dry moulded in various colours, such as white, bright white and black as our standards with low minimum order quantities (MOQ) of 10,000 pieces. Furthermore, we offer various uncoloured natural fibre options from MOQs of 50,000 pieces. We can also colour match your bespoke colour.

Cutting and Trimming

The process of cutting and refining moulded fibre inlays holds a crucial role in the final outcome of the product. When the newly formed Winlay®s are produced, they usually exceed the required dimensions by around 10-20mm. Subsequently, these surplus portions are skilfully trimmed to achieve the exact, desired shape of the end product.

Roughly speaking, we offer two different cutting tools:

  • Standard die-cutting tool (lower cost for lower MOQs)
  • Metal stamp cutting tool (more precise; higher cost; higher MOQs)


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