Sustainable Fibres – Valuable Natural Resources in Use

With Winlay® innovation meets sustainability at its core. Our packaging is thoughtfully crafted with a variety of sustainable fibres, reflecting our dedication to both quality and environmental consciousness.

  • FSC® Certified Virgin Fibres
    • Recycled Paper Waste (PCW)
      • Sugar Cane Waste (PIW)
        • Bamboo Fibres

          • FSC® Certified Virgin Fibres: Derived from responsibly managed forests, our FSC® certified virgin fibres set the foundation for packaging that merges strength with responsible sourcing.

          • Recycled Pulp Fibres (PCW): Embracing the circular economy, our packaging incorporates high-quality post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled pulp fibres mainly collected from corrugated board. By breathing new life into valuable raw materials, we reduce, reuse and recycle and deliver packaging that's both resilient and environmentally friendly.

          • Sugar Cane Waste (PIW): Harnessing the potential of sugar cane waste from post-industrial waste (PIW), our packaging demonstrates resourcefulness and durability. These fibres, sourced from agricultural remnants (non-food feedstock) and industrial processes, create lightweight yet highest surface quality packaging that echoes our commitment to innovation and environmental awareness

          • Bamboo Fibres: Complementing our fibre selection, these fast-growing natural fibres stand for their remarkable sustainability. Bamboo fibres, marked by rapid regrowth and minimal resource demands, contribute to packaging that speaks of natural elegance while upholding our mission of a more sustainable future.


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