June 8, 2021


Oceans play an important part in our daily lives. They influence our health and give us inspiration. As we feel connected to the world's seas, we would like to remind you of the beauty and promise of the ocean, today.

Did you know that not only the forest, but also the oceans are the lungs of our planet? Around half of the oxygen we breathe comes directly from the oceans, produced by tiny algae. The ecosystem of the oceans is increasingly suffering from the omnipresent plastic waste. At WINTER & COMPANY we put a lot of effort into making our materials better, following the principles Reduce - Reuse – Recycle. We improve products by lowering their plastic content, making them recyclable and reducing their environmental impact. Also wherever possible, we consistently increase the recycled content of our materials. We are even working on a sustainable solution for our products packaging.

But above all, the ocean inspires us in the design of our products. Our portfolio today counts over 180 different blue materials. More than 30 articles bear a colour name that has a direct reference to the ocean, such as «Ocean», «Navy» or «Marine». The ocean has always promised endless creativity. So, stay curious and discover more about our connection to the ocean in a few weeks.

Colours and visuals


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